Current Refined Fuel Prices
Effective June 15, 2017
Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at anytime.
You can call any office or call 320.848.2273, or direct order from
Dave Duehn at 320.510.3720, or call Dan Goldschmidt at 320.979.9707.
You may also call Dan Filzen at 507.240.0414

 Highway (Road) Gas - with state tax   $2.25   $2.35
 Farm Gas - without state tax   $1.97   $2.07
 #1 DIESEL Fuel Oil (Outside Tank)   $2.30   $2.40
 #2 DIESEL Fuel Oil (Inside Tank)   $2.10   $2.20





Roadmaster Diesel (Premium Clear B10)   $2.40   $2.50

Farm Diesel (Fieldmaster B10)

  $1.90   $2.00

 *Cash prices applies only to orders of 150 gallons or more and
paid by the 15th of the following month. Discount = $.10/gallon
*B5 = More soyoil as per MN State Law

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