Feeding for 30™ Program

Are your pigs reaching their full potential? The Feeding for 30™ program is a Sow Nutrition and Management Program. The industry goal of 30 pigs per sow per year is much more than selecting genetics. Maternal nutrition is important in creating and supporting large litters. The Feeding for 30™ program is an industry resource for you regarding nutrition and feed management insights to achieve this goal

UltraCare™ Nutrition Program
The new UltraCare™ nutrition program with MpD™ technologies is a revolutionary system designed to provide intake management and enhanced digestion from the farrowing crate to 50 pounds. The UltraCare™ system provides performance, flexibility and economic balance like no other pig stater program can.

Successful dairy producers today are focused on keeping their animals healthy and profitable from day one and throughout their productive life. As part of your management team, we offer a variety of products and services to ensure the vitality of your operation.

Calf and Heifer

There’s no second chance to feeding your replacement heifers right. That’s why we offer Land O'Lakes milk replacers, calf starters, and growers with their frontline technologies. Some of the technologies available in milk replacers include:

Dry and Lactating Cows

Central Region Cooperative developed a custom base feed for lactating cows. Our custom contains the highly-palatable, high-energy fat product called Propel® Energy Nugget. To produce this product Land O’Lakes Purina Feed developed a proprietary Macro-Encapsulation™ Technology. This is just one of the reasons Propel® Energy Nugget is different from all other high energy supplements on the market today.

Central Region Cooperative offers a range of powerful consulting products and services to help beef producers remain competitive through today's market challenges. Our nutrition consulting services include the latest beef ration balancing software, feedstuff analysis, and nutrition and ration review.

Cow/Calf Operations
We match products and develop programs to fit your cattle and forage situations. We have a high quality product line for your breeding animal nutrition to optimize appearance and productivity. We can help you design feeding programs to reduce stress at weaning, improve heifer development, and feeding management.