Our Producer Assistance

CRC employs livestock production specialists to assist our customers in balancing their dairy, beef, and swine rations. These livestock specialists provide a wide variety of other services, including:
  • Sourcing feeder pigs and cattle
  • Finding long-term contracts
  • Locating new facilities
  • Evaluating and planning facility use
  • Developing feed budgets for swine and cattle grow-finish operations
  • Assisting with close-out records to determine performance and profitability
  • Running breakeven projections and establishing marketing goals.
CRC livestock specialists also keep their customers up-to-date on ingredients available, and offer ingredient and grain contracts to control costs


Feeds & Services Offered at Gibbon & Sleepy Eye Mills

Land O'Lakes Purina
Whether you raise dairy cattle, beef or swine, Land O'Lakes Purina 
feeds are backed by a cooperative system with 
global resources. 
The products and services they offer can add more vitality to your 
animals, your business, and, ultimately your community.

Ralco Nutrition http://www.ralcoagriculture.com/
The original Ralco philosophy of feeding livestock naturally is stronger 
than ever. Ralco Nutrition, Inc. continues to be a trusted source of animal 
nutrition worldwide. Their commitment to the producer, the end user, and 
environmental stewardship motivates them to research and develop effective, 
safe, and natural products.

While in name ADM Alliance Nutrition would appear to be a newcomer to 
the livestock feed industry, it is composed of what were once several 
independent livestock feed companies. Most notable of those companies 
were MoorMan's®, Consolidated Nutrition®, SuperSweet®, Master Mix®, 
Tindle Feeds®. The roots of some of these companies trace 
back to the late 1800's with a focus on improving livestock feed to 
help enrich America's food supply. In January of 2002 these companies, 
under the ADM umbrella, were unified to form one ADM operating 

feed company, ADM Alliance Nutrition.

  • Grain Milling - Rolling
  • Delivery of Bulk and Bagged Feeds
  • Cost Plus Milling
  • Custom Protein Blends
  • Custom Ration Formulation
  • Consulting Services
  • Grain Bank Services
  • Forage and Grain Analysis
We offer and complete line of feeds
  • Bases and Concentrates
  • Starters
  • Complete Feeds
  • Specialty Feeds
  • Bagged Feeds