South Central Grain & Energy offers daily contract prices for propane. You may contract dryer gas as far as 12 months out.

The best approach is usually to average your propane purchases. For example, if you think you will use at least 5,000 gallons in a season, you can buy 1,000 at a time—whenever you feel the price is right. You may not always buy at the lowest price, but your average should look pretty good. This has been very successful program for SCG&E customers.

Download our 2017-2018 LP Contract. Then call the numbers below for up-to-the minute pricing and to finalize your propane contract.

To price and contract LP call:
  • Energy Department Manager - Dan Filzen: 320.848.2273 or 800.547.5576

You may also contract LP by calling:
  • Buffalo Lake: 320.833.5321
  • Cosmos: 320.877.7261
  • Gibbon: 507.834.6534 Hector: 320.848.2273