Central Region Cooperative customers may chose from a range of pricing options when purchasing their bulk refined fuels. These include cash pricing, direct shipment, forward contracts, and CAP contracts.

Check out our Contract Pricing and Forward Contract. Then, call the numbers below for up-to-the minute pricing and to finalize your refined fuels contract.
 Click pdf image to fill in contract and email to CRC or click on "Forward Contract" to fill in the form.

To contract bulk refined fuels call:
  • Refined Fuels Department manager Bill Pelzel at 877-576-5456 or cell 507-276-8070
  • Refined fuels driver Dave Duehn at 320-510-3720
  • Refined fuels driver Dan Goldschmidt at 320-979-9707
You may also contract fuels by calling:
  • Buffalo Lake: 320.833.5321
  • Fairfax: 507.426.8263
  • Gibbon: 507.834.6534
  • Sleepy Eye: 507-794-5831