Trading Hours

Co-op Buys Grain During CBOT Hours
Central Region Cooperative markets grain only during the Chicago Board of Trade hours—Our grain buying and trading hours are between 8:30AM and 1:15PM weekdays(except for holidays). All grain must be bought or sold during those hours.

With the increasing volatility of the markets, it has become very difficult for any local merchandiser to protect against market fluctuations when purchasing grains outside of CBOT trading hours. SCG&E operates on slim margins in the effort to give our customers the best possible price. Any fluctuation in the market could completely eliminate those margins. That is why we only purchase grain while the CBOT is open for business.

Other Options
You are welcome to place an established price sell order at any time of the day—in increments of 5,000 bushels. This order is submitted electronically and may be filled in the overnight market.

Contact our Grain Buyers for the latest pricing and to sell your grain.