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                          JULY 24, 2014

Hello South Central Grain & Energy customers,

 OSHA has deemed that feed dust may pose a combustible threat do to the grain and other products included in the feed.

  • They have issued a ruling stating that all providers of feed must provide their customers with an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) which outlines the potential dangers of these products.
  • We are attaching a copy of the Feed SDS that covers the requirement for informing you of these issues.
  • This is an informational data sheet that is meant to inform you of the potential for combustion of feed products.
  • This information will also be posted in our warehouse and milling facilities and on our website.
  • We recommend that you keep this material in your files for future reference.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information or the OSHA regulation please call Nathan Gieseke at 507-834-6534.


 Nathan Gieseke

Click on the link below to see the Feed Safety Data Sheet mentioned above

Feed SDS