Our Agronomy Department – Buys Better and Moves Faster

With our recent expansion to the north, Central Region Cooperative can purchase in larger volumes so we can buy your agronomy inputs better. That means more money in your pocket, since we’re farmer-owned.

Our expanded market area also allows us to move our equipment and application crews where they are most needed. If it’s raining in the south, we can saturate and finish our northern area, so we are ready to roll in the south when soils dry out.

Besides supplying the inputs you need to grow your crops, CRC agronomists can provide you with a full range of agronomy services—from seed placement, soil sampling, and fertility recommendations to field scouting and solutions for controlling pests.

Just starting to farm with Variable Rate Technology? We can help.

Price, flexibility, and expertise. You’ll find them all at your nearest CRC Agronomy Office.