Our Propane Department – Replaces Worries With Peace of Mind

  • Worried about getting your crop out of the field? We’ll service your grain dryer and keep your LP tank full while you harvest what you’ve worked so hard to grow.
  • Worried about running out in the middle of winter? Our scheduled fill program removes the burden of watching the tank gauge.
  • Worried about high prices? You can purchase at Current Prices off the truck. We also offer year-round Contracting so you can purchase whenever the price is right for you.
  • Worried about safety? We employ well-trained delivery personnel to provide a reliable supply of clean-burning gas and experienced service technicians to set tanks, bury new lines, and regularly inspect existing storage systems. 
Now that’s peace of mind.

To place orders for LP or service work:
  • Buffalo Lake: 320-833-5321
  • LP Service tech: Mark Clobes cell - 320-583-1334
  • Hector/Buffalo Lake driver: Chuck Toltzman cell - 701-269-0950 
  • Cosmos: 320-877-7261
  • Fairfax: 507-426-8263
  • Fairfax Driver: Brad Borth cell - 507-829-4971
  • Gibbon: 507-834-6534
  • Gibbon Driver: Joe Gehring cell - 507-430-2142
  • Sleepy Eye: 507-794-5831
To price and contract LP call:
  • Energy Department Manager - Bill Pelzel: 507-794-5831 or 877-576-5456
  • Buffalo Lake: 320.833.5321
  • Cosmos: 320.877.7261
  • Gibbon: 507.834.6534
  • Sleepy Eye: 507-794-5831